Tanabe, the Guidance Counselor of Hakuun High School, is the only shown Guidance Counselor of the school. He has short hair, possibly shaved, wears glasses, and has a chevron mustache (a popular style from the late 80's to early 90's, where the story is set). Like other Guidance Counselors, he wields a shinai for self defense.

He is first seen threatening Takeshi Kojima to not pick a fight in front of him since he can kick him out anytime he wanted. He then orders for him and Hayami to return to class if he doesn't want to be suspended, poking his chest with the shinai. He then stops Seiichiro Kitano from entering the school, not recognizing him from behind, but was horrified by his face when he turned around. Tanabe finds him ultra-dangerous and fears for his life if he messes with him. When Kitano bows and apologizes, Tanabe is confused on why he's being humble but also believes Kitano is plotting something. As Kitano silently stares at Tanabe (deciding to give the wallet he found and meant to return to Kojima), Tanabe believes he is being intimidated. He finally yells at Kitano defiantly demanding to know what he wants and warns him he's not only like the Guidance Counselors from his school, he also won't yield to threats. Kitano reaches into his gakuran jacket and starts to tell Tanabe about the wallet, only for Tanabe to mishear it as "knife" (wallet = saifu, naifu = knife). He panics thinking Kitano is trying to stab him. Tanabe pins Kitano's hand to his chest using his shinai to prevent him from pulling out the supposed knife. Even though though he is holding down Kitano's hand, afraid he will be stabbed and killed, his strength eventually gives out. Kitano screams something untranslatable as he breaks free from Tanabe's shinai pin and pulls out the wallet. Tanabe doesn't see the wallet that Kitano holds up in the air as he runs in the opposite direction in fear.

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