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Takeshi Kojima is the Guardian of Hakuun High School, Hekikuu High's direct rival. He is the first major antagonist that Seiichiro Kitano faces in the series.



Takeshi is a tall and burly young man. Like most delinquents, he keeps his hair in a pompadour fashion and seems to have curly hair. Kojima has thick eyebrows which are usually furrowed in an angry or disappointed look.

He is not only tall, but well built with broad shoulders and thick arms like a professional fighter.


He is very proud of Hakuun's status of being a strong and feared school and does not tolerate those weaker than him trying to defy him, like Seikichi Kuroda. He also is unforgiving towards his subordinates if they ever sully Hakuun's reputation and will not hesitate to beat them up as punishment.

Because of this, he is very ruthless. Even after defeating an opponent, he will still attack, such as kicking their unconscious body, causing even further injury, to set an example. He holds on to this grudge until he is able to restore Hakuun's honor.

Unlike most of the characters in the story, Kojima is almost never seen smiling or joking. He's very stern and serious and holds his position to a high regard.


Kojima is not just a skilled fighter, he is also a proficient boxer, rumored to be as strong as a monster. Because of his proficiency, he is not only hits hard, but very swiftly. Until he faced off against Kitano, he never lost in a fist fight against anyone, defeating even Yuji Takehisa in a one-on-one fight.


Takeshi Kojima Arc[]

Kojima is first mentioned by Hakuun's thugs as someone who hates it when Hakuun's name is soiled and they'll be in deep trouble if he found out they ran away from Seiichiro Kitano, the new Guardian, without fighting.

Takeshi is first seen overhearing his underlings talking about not dealing with Hekikuu anymore. He demands to know if they lost to Hekikuu. After confirmation, he knocks the first guy out and orders the others to tell them what happened since he intends to beat them up after. After he is caught up on Seikichi Kuroda's ability to surround them, they then tell him that Kuroda is no longer the Guardian, to his surprise. Hayami, Kojima's #2, also confirms it saying he crushed Kuroda on the first day and that Hekikuu must be getting full of themselves because of him. Angered, he orders Hayami to round up their guys and arm them with weapons to go to war with Hekikuu.

A little later, he discovers to find Kitano over Hayami's body and yells Hayami's name. Kitano turns around and locks eyes with Kojima, surprised by his face. Hayami warns Kojima that he was the one who beat up Kuroda and Kojima demands to know from Kitano what he's doing here, asking if he's picking a fight with Hakuun. Instead, Kitano reaches out to Hayami trying to get up (trying to get Hayami to lie down since he hit his head) and Kojima feels insulted for being ignored. Just as he's about to attack, the school's Guidance Counselor, Tanabe, appears scolding Kojima for not being in class. He warns Kojima about trying to pick a fight in front of him, threatening to kick him out whenever he wanted. Poking him with his shinai, he orders for him and Hayami to return to class if he doesn't want to be suspended. Kojima reluctantly and silently accepts and walks toward Hayami. As he passed by Kitano, he promises revenge on Kitano. He asks Hayami if he can stand up as Hayami calls out his first name. They then return to inside the school as Kojima shoulders Hayami.

The next day, Kojima arrives while Takehisa and Kuroda are getting ready to fight each other again. Kuroda, in a panic says Takehisa is definitely the #2 repeatedly, to Takehisa's confusion, and tells his subordinates, Gorou Tokiyama and Jirou Ooshita, to run with him and do so. Kojima bluntly tells Takehisa he has no business with the #2, demanding to know where his boss is at. Takehisa deduces from his tough attitude that he's the boss of Hakuun.

Takehisa states that he doesn't know what Kojima wants with Kitano, but he won't let him see Kitano that easily. Kojima rebuffs saying he doesn't like fighting a cripple. Takehisa quickly figures out he meant his head bandage. He apologizes, saying he forgot about it and that he had a head wound which he found shameful. He assures he had no intention of using it as a handicap and takes it off. He then quickly tosses it at Kojima's face as a distraction and fires a punch, but Kojima still dodges, causing him to stumble forward. Takehisa remarks he's pretty good for not falling for that trick. Kojima asks if he'll see the boss if he beats Takehisa. Takehisa answers vaguely, taunting he'll definitely never see him if he doesn't beat him. Kojima accepts that and attacks quickly. Takehisa barely dodges, getting grazed in the face. Takehisa counters with a kick, but Kojima easily dodges to behind Takehisa and punches Takehisa hard in the face. Takehisa launches a flurry of punches but Kojima is able to dodge them all, to Takehisa's frustration. Kojima finally throws a cross-counter punch, knocking Takehisa out. Kojima then continuously kicks Takehisa's unconscious body in a fury. He then calls out to Kuroda, aware he and the others were spying on the fight, and orders him to tell Kitano to come to Seuyoshi Park tomorrow morning and doesn't care how many people they bring. He threatens them that if they don't show up, he'll make it so they never walk outside again, stunning Kuroda and the others into silence.



Hayami is Kojima's direct lieutenant and, much like Kuroda and his two friends, is almost never seen without him. They seem to also be friends since he sometimes calls Kojima by his first name, which in Japanese culture is a sign of closeness between two people. Kojima was also infuriated when he found Kitano first "attacked" Hayami. In turn, Hayami is absolutely loyal to Kojima and still stands by his side, even after he lost.

Seiichiro Kitano[]

Kojima has a begrudging respect for Kitano, viewing him as not normal. At first he held a deep grudge for soiling Hakuun's name and "attacking" Hayami.

Seikichi Kuroda[]

Kojima looks down on Kuroda as a weakling and does not view him as a threat, even when with his friends.

Yuji Takehisa[]


  • He is one of the few characters not to open his mouth and express shock, horror, or terror when first seeing Kitano's face. Instead he maintains his usual angry look, only baring his teeth.
  • Kojima is the main villain of the Angel Densetsu OVA


  • "I will pay you back for this. Don't forget." (To Kitano)


Takeshi Kojima as he appears in the OVA.

Takeshi Kojima's debut appearance