Shiraishi is one of Hekikuu High School's faculty members and is considered to be possibly the principal's aide or vice-principal. He is usually seen in an advisory position to the principal and tries his best to calm down the principal or reason with him, but typically fails to do so.


Appearance Edit

Shiraishi is a prim and properly-dressed man in a suit. He has a neat haircut with a part on his right side. He is also bespectacled and wears low-bridge frames.

Personality Edit

Unlike most of his peers, Shiraishi is a rational-minded man and can be logical and reasonable. While he first feared Seiichiro Kitano's face, he was able to look past his appearance and see he was paying proper courtesy and is a good boy (though he still finds Seiichiro frightening at times).

Shiraishi also tries to calm down the principal and explain things to him that show obvious logic and rationality, but is always brushed off by the principal's obstinance and prejudice. Shiraishi can't override the principal's decisions, so he typically follows his orders, albeit reluctantly.

Abilities Edit

Shiraishi does not know any martial arts and is never seen in combat, so he has no fighting ability. Instead he commands a reasonable thinking that his peers do not have, especially where Seiichiro is concerned.


The Guardian of Hekikuu High Edit

Shiraishi is first seen conversing with the principal regarding Seiichiro Kitano, curious if he really is as good a student as the recommendation claims. He also expresses a pity that no photograph was attached so they could identity him. When he first meets Seiichiro, he is understandably shocked and frightened by his face. After some furious chiding from the principal, Shiraishi points out that Seiichiro only just walked in the room, but was rebuffed. Instead, he asks Seiichiro to provide proof of his identity and Seiichiro complies by giving them his CD rental store card (while Shiraishi still tries to get the principal to calm down). After confirming Seiichiro's identity, Shiraishi decides to show him to his classroom.

As they are walking down the hall, Shiraishi apologizes on behalf of the principal, since his generation is from one that judges based on appearances. After Seiichiro expresses sorrow on people always running away from him, Shiraishi feels sympathy for him, understanding the hardships Seiichiro must have gone through. While he decides to be more sympathetic and understanding, he still finds Seiichiro frightening, even when he's sad. When they arrive in the classroom, Shiraishi introduces the stunned class to Seiichiro.


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Shiraishi as he appears in Chapter 1

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