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Seikichi Kuroda is the former Guardian of Hekikuu High School before handing it over to Seiichiro Kitano during their first encounter. He is considered the comic relief due to his constant over-the-top reactions.



Kuroda is a burly student and is considered one of the biggest students in the school, if not the biggest. He stands at least a whole head taller than the other students, with Kitano just barely reaching his shoulders with the top of his head. He keeps his pompadour hair short and is shown to be a bit wavy, or curly.

In Chapter 1, Kuroda is shown to have a chiseled face and a prominent brow, making him look villainous. As the artwork develops, Kuroda's head became more round and larger, to emphasize his bigger build, and a smaller nose.


Even though Kuroda commands respect from some of the student body, he is also a known coward. He will put on airs and be over-confident if he thinks he is against a weaker opponent, but won't hesitate to run away or make excuses if he is against anyone stronger. Because of a misunderstanding confrontation with Kitano , Kuroda is very terrified of him but also respects him.

He is very proud to be a thug in his school and shares a rivalry with Yuji Takehisa as who is the "Hekikuu #2" under Kitano. He also tries to maintain appearances that he is still the Guardian to those who are ignorant of his position, such as with Takashi Ogisu. He typically skips class to smoke or drink beer behind the school and hang out with his friends. While he loves violence, he is considered one of the weakest delinquents in the group and typically loses every fight he gets into.

He is also a hypocrite and quickly turns around on things he just said. A good example is telling his followers that true heroes don't seek credit for their good deeds only to try and explain to everyone they were the true heroes when people thought it was someone else.

He is also blindly in love with Ryoko Koiso since he first saw her and is not shy at proclaiming his love. He is even willing to overcome his fear of Kitano and confront him over it. When he becomes overcome with emotion, he will shout Koiso's full name and becomes completely unaware of his surroundings or the people around him, focused only on her. Koiso, in turn, holds him in contempt and tends to beat him up in response, partly because he annoys her so much and partly because of his ignorance towards his surroundings.

Despite his shortcomings, Kuroda is actually very intelligent when he wants to be and somewhat cunning. He tends to wax philosophical sayings, but he fails in following through when the situation gets tense, causing him to take back what he said. He is also loyal to Kitano (though this is mostly out of fear) and will support Kitano's wishes, even if he is afraid. He also commands respect from his two friends and underlings, Gorou Tokiyama and Jirou Ooshita, even though they are both exasperated by his reactions.


Despite his cowardice, Kuroda is actually a very powerful hand-to-hand combatant. Because he is larger than most students, his punches hit very heavily and he can take hits very well, even against strong opponents like Takashi Ogisu. This only works when he believes he is against a weaker opponent or when he is unaware of his surroundings, either from not paying attention or if he was knocked out to degree.


The Guardian of Hekikuu High[]

After Seiichiro Kitano enters class and makes his introduction, word of his "terror" has spread to Seikichi Kuroda, the current Guardian of the school and is told this by his friends. Feeling insulted that a fellow delinquent did not show courtesy by greeting him and that someone might not respect his status, Kuroda barges into Kitano's classroom to demand respect.

Kuroda then storms into the class demanding to know who the transfer student is, even violently threatening a student where he is. After seeing Kitano , he was immediately frightened. Instead he pretended the student in front of Kitano was the transfer student, lying he was giving Kuroda dirty looks and proceeds to drag him away to beat him up, ignoring Ooshita saying it wasn't him.

After beating up the student, Ooshita again tells Kuroda that he wasn't who they were after, though Kuroda reveals he already knew that. He explains to them that because of all the fights he's been in he was able to size up who is strong or weak and incorrectly says that judging from his eyes, he was not only strong but lived for the thrill of the fight. When they explain how scared they were scared from seeing him, Kuroda says that was his ki, like in some popular battle manga and that Kitano doesn't fight to show off and if they took one step closer, Kitano would have whipped our his knife. He continues saying his intuition tells him that Kitano is a dope addict, judging from the bags under his eyes and his white skin. He warns his friends to not provoke him or he might rip them apart and they agree.

After class, Tokiyama reports that he heard Kitano was muttering something in the sky about flowers and bliss (Kitano was simply expressing his gratitude to nature and cheering himself up after seeing what a lovely day it was). Drinking his beer, Kuroda incorrectly tells them that because he's been in so many fights, it was withdrawal symptoms because his smack's running out and that he might explode any minute. Ooshita starts to worry, asking what they should do. Kuroda states it works their favor and it'll be easier to take care of him if something happens while tossing aside his beer can.

While they are smoking, his friends ask Kuroda if Kitano isn't the type of guy to come looking for the Guardian, pointing out that he's an unpredictable guy and might come after him pretty hard. Kuroda admits that they have a point but he won't lay down without a fight. This shocks them and they ask if he can fight someone like a heroin addict. Kuroda confidently tells them that not going out to fight him is different than him coming to fight him, earning their praise. They then find Kitano looking at them with a scary look while holding a tree trunk (unaware he was just cleaning up the campus). They scream and then his friends urge Kuroda to fight, pushing him towards Kitano. Kitano trips over his own feet trying to run away and stumbles forward from the tree's weight, but they don't see that as they argue. They accuse Kuroda of lying to them and Kuroda gives up asking himself why it had to happen while he was smoking. He turns around finally to see Kitano rushing towards him. He tries screaming at them to get out of the way (it only comes out as "KIEEEE!!") and slams the tree trunk into the wall after tripping over a rock, narrowly missing Kuroda. Kitano silently looks down at Kuroda with a bloody nose from slamming his face into the tree (worried they will be mad at him). He and his friends abandon all pride and beg for Kitano to spare their lives and not kill them. Kuroda even decides to give his Guardian title to Kitano while they are begging, not listening to Kitano try to say he should be the one to apologize, not them. Kuroda and the others then decide to be Kuroda's underlings, greeting him formally and offering to carry his bag.

Meeting Yuji Takahisa[]

Kuroda and his friends walk up to greet Kitano every morning and he insists on carrying his bag, even though Kitano politely refuses. They do this purely out of fear of angering him, but Kitano is unaware of this.

During class, Kuroda and the others are hanging out in their spot, smoking and agree not to do it in front of him or they might anger Kitano. Tokiyama remembers that Takehisa's suspension ended today. Kuroda recalls Takehisa being feisty and being suspended for hitting a teacher and is willing to take him down during lunchtime, one-on-one, receiving praise from them. Takehisa overhears this and challenges him. Kuroda agrees to take him out three-on-one, making the excuse it wasn't lunchtime yet when Jirou reminded him he said it would be one-on-one. Takehisa calls him out saying Kuroda never intended it to be one-on-one, taunting all three. Kuroda ignores Ooshita's claim of his taking Takehisa on one-on-one and tells them to gang up on Takehisa. They all three attack him, but are defeated brutally, unaware how strong he was. Takehisa then taunts Kuroida saying that by defeating the Guardian, he's now the new Guardian, but Kuroda reveals he isn't the Guardian anymore and that Kitano is. Takehisa doesn't believe him, but Kuroda continues saying he terrorized the school in one day. Takehisa is surprised by this and Kuroda taunts him saying Takehisa will never measure up to Kitano. Takehisa demands to know where he is, but Kuroda refuses to cooperate, and Takehisa decides to take down Kitano to be the new Guardian.

Later, Kuroda and his friends meet up with Takehisa, telling him everyone knows about his confrontation with Kitano during the break and that he's going to kill Takehisa. Takehisa argues that all he did was stare him down and Takehisa was the one who broke it off, but Kuroda responds that Kitano doesn't know that, adding that Kitano even tried to kill him and he didn't look into his eyes. He walks back off telling Takehisa he hopes Kitano doesn't find him.

Takeshi Kojima Arc[]

Kuroda and his friends remain hidden while Takehisa confronted and was knocked out by three invading delinquents. After they ran away in a panic because they felt the school was dangerous, they came out of hiding. Kuroda asks them if Takehisa is alive. They confirm he is and want to chase after them in revenge for invading their territory. Kuroda explains slowly that they wouldn't win because they were able to beat Takehisa, who beat the three of them. They realize they'll only be defeated by the delinquents too and ask Kuroda what they should do. Kuroda confidently responds they just need to get the greatest human weapon, Kitano. As they walk off to go retrieve him, Ooshita asks if Kitano won't get mad when he heard they hid when Takehisa was taken out. Kuroda responds they won't tell him that and lie that Takehisa was already down when they came running. As he continues to lecture them, they panic and point behind him. He looks to see Kitano standing not far away away and is scared to see him there. Ooshita asks what they should do and Kuroda says it's a good time to ask him to take care of the delinquents. Ooshita argues he looks angry and Kuroda counters he always looks angry. Finally Ooshita worries about what they were just talking about and Kuroda nervously says Kitano didn't hear them. Kitano then yells and runs towards them (because he thinks Takehisa tried to commit suicide again), causing them to panic and think he did hear them. He tells them they need to take down the delinquents. Tokiyama reminds them they'll just be defeated, but Kuroda feels it's more preferable than being killed by Kitano and leads the charge in a frenzy. When they catch up to him, the delinquents have decided Kitano was too dangerous and they shouldn't be involved with Hekikuu anymore, yelling at the top of their lungs. The delinquents yell back they are from Hakuun and threatens them, but Kuroda strikes telling them it doesn't have anything to do with it. His friends proceed to pummel the other two Hakkun delinquents. One of them uses his bokken to hit Kuroda and warns them they have weapons, but Kuroda hits back saying he's not afraid of it. Tokiyama strikes also saying Kitano is behind them. Ooshita strikes telling them they'll be killed if they back off. In unison they yell their lives are at stake as they defeat the delinquents. Because of his actions, rumors about Kitano and Hakuun became the start of Kitano's legend.

The next day, Kuroda and his gang find Takehisa looking for Kitano, smiling and asking him as such. Takehisa taunts Kuroda's smile asking if he "[got] some?" Instead, Kuroda smugly tells him he needs to change his foul-mouthed attitude for the sake of his future. Takehisa counters angrily asking if Kuroda's brain melted and dripped out his nose. Kuroda laughs it off saying he has room in his heart not to get mad at anything he says. He then says his fight with Takehisa is a memory and he's nothing but a man of the past now. Takehisa gets angrier and demands if Kuroda is asking for a fight. Kuroda warns him to stop or he'll regret Kuroda getting serious. At first Takehisa is confused. Kuroda slyly asks about Takehisa's bandages and informs him he knew he was defeated by Hakuun's delinquents. As Takehisa argues, Kuroda explains there's no need to report to Kitano about Hakuun since he and the others defeated them, shocking Takehisa. Kuroda explains they went and got revenge for Takehisa since he couldn't beat them and Takehisa won't be able to win since the delinquents woke up "a sleeping lion." As he and the others muse and admire that name, Takehisa punches Kuroda,to Gorou and Jirou's shock and anger. Kuroda tries to taunt Takehisa again about getting serious, but is interrupted by another punch. Kuroda tries to taunt Takehisa again, but is interrupted by a punch to the face. Kuroda nervously warns Takehisa again about the sleeping lion, but Takehisa defiantly tells Kuroda to wake it up, beating up Kuroda and the others and leaves. Kuroda believes that the extra room in his heart is why he's not angry despite being beaten up, though Gorou believes they simply just lost.

Two days later, Kuroda learns from Tokiyama that Kitano snuck into Hakuun High School and defeated their #2, Hayami. He asks if Kitano was suspended, but Tokiyama confirms that he was only let off with a severe warning. Kuroda admires that Kitano went to Hakuun to settle the score after they fought off the delinquents and Tokiyama agrees. Takehisa arrives, overhearing this, and tells them they are getting the wrong idea and that Kitano didn't go to Hakuun for them. Takehisa rhetorically asks why Kitano went after their #2 and Kuroda guesses (correctly, unknown to him) that it was because Hayami was the first guy Kitano ran across. Takehisa answers that because he, the little brother, was worked over, Kitano defeated their #2 to balance things out. Kuroda is at first confused until Ooshita explains that because their #2 was defeated, Kitano defeated Hakuun's #2 in response and that Takehisa was claiming to be #2. Kuroda is eventually outraged claiming he was the real #2, defiantly saying they being defeated doesn't mean a thing and Takehisa can't push them around. Takehisa looks down on them accepting his challenge. Kuroda orders Tokiyama and Ooshita to huddle. He instructs them to surround Takehisa from three different angles and then beat him down, calling it Triangle Formation Alpha. Takehisa impatiently asks if they intend to fight or not. Just as Kuroda gets ready to fight, brimming with confidence, he notices Kojima behind him. When Takehisa asks Kojima if he's from Hakuun, Kuroda finally recognizes him and in a panic tells Takehisa he has something else to do. Takehisa tries to argue they're not done yet, but Kuroda repeatedly tells Takehisa he is indeed the #2, running away and telling the others to do the same, to everyone's confusion.

Hiding around the corner, Kuroda tells the guys, who are arguing he got humiliated by Takehisa, to shut up and doesn't care about that, telling them the other guy is Takeshi Kojima. He explains that because he practiced boxing a long time ago, he never once lost in a fist fight and is as strong as a monster. When they ask if Kitano is nearby and should get him, Kuroda believes they'd still be in deep trouble. As they watch Takehisa fight Kojima and Kojima effortlessly dodges all of Takehisa's attacks, Kuroda states Kojima's amazing defense is why Kojima has been undefeated. Kojima finally throws a cross-counter punch, knocking Takehisa out, to their shock. Kuroda is amazed on seeing the skill of a former boxer, then thinking he can profit from this somehow though Tokiyama says it isn't the time to be saying things like that. Horrified, then they see Kojima continuously kicking Takehisa's unconscious body ruthlessly. Ooshita states Takehisa could die if this keeps up and Tokiyama says they have to do something. Kuroda argues asking what they could even do, but before Tokiyama can give argue. Kojima addresses Kuroda, aware they were watching his fight. He orders him to tell Kitano to come to Seuyoshi Park tomorrow morning and doesn't care how many people they bring. He threatens them that if they don't show up, he'll make it so they never walk outside again, stunning Kuroda and the others into silence


Gorou Tokiyama[]

He is one of Kuroda's underlings and looks similar to his friend, Jirou Ooshita.

Jirou Ooshita[]

He is one of Kuroda's underlings and looks similar to his friend, Gorou Tokiyama.

Seiichirou Kitano[]

Kuroda respects, but mostly fears, Kitano.

Yuji Takehisa[]

Kuroda is part of Kitano's gang and views Takehisa as below him in the gang's hierarchy. Kuroda is constantly beaten up by him due to Kuroda's overconfidence or his over-the-top antics.



  • "I know this cause I've been around so many fights, ya know."
  • "My life is shit if I ruin his mood."


Kuroda's appearance in Chapter 1

Kuroda in the OVA.