Sasaki is a classmate of Seiichiro Kitano. Like most of the Hekikuu High School students, he believes Seiichiro Kitano is an incredibly evil delinquent.


Appearance Edit

Sasaki is an average build student. He wears glasses and has a loose bowl-cut haircut.

Personality Edit

Sasaki is a mostly unremarkable boy. He is neither brave nor cowardly, but has good intentions. He fears Seiichiro to the point of trying to warn Yuji Takehisa, who is unaware of him, about the new Guardian so he doesn't get attacked.

Abilities Edit

He has no abilities to speak of. He is not shown to be clever or has any fighting abilities.


The Guardian of Hekikuu High Edit

He was beaten up by Seikichi Kuroda when he was still the Guardian as a "sacrifice" so Seikichi wouldn't have to confront Seiichiro. Nobody helped him as he pleaded his innocence or when he was being dragged away. The class just prayed for him in sad silence. He badly beaten up shortly after.

Meeting Yuji Takahisa Edit

After Yuji Takehisa unknowingly sat in Seiichiro's seat, Sakaki approached him and told him it wasn't his seat and he needed to move. Yuji got up and angrily asked him if he was telling him what to do. Sasaki denies saying it was for Yuji's safety, afraid he'll get hurt. Yuji took that as a threat and was about to attack him until the student explained that the seat belonged to Seiichiro. Yuji defiantly yells back at the class that he is the boss and sits back down in Seiichiro's seat. Sasaki and the rest of the class give on trying to convince him.

Takeshi Kojima Arc Edit

Sasaki is seen cross-armed staring ahead, like the rest of the class, in fear of Seiichiro, not wanting to move and incite his fury, still unaware Seiichiro is just a normal boy too.





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