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The unnamed principal is the head faculty member of Hekikuu High School. He takes his job very seriously and is devoted to the well-being of the students and his staff.

He is one of the primary antagonists of the series as he despises Seiichiro Kitano ever since they first met. Blinded by his prejudice and hate simply because of Kitano's face, he has even hired special Guidance Counselors to try and get rid of Seiichiro Kitano by any means necessary. His aide, Shiraishi, is usually the one to try to calm him down or reason with the principal, but usually to no avail.



The principal is a somewhat elderly man. He is balding except for the sides of his head which has somewhat short unkempt hair. He also sports a trimmed mustache.

Because he is never seen outside of the school throughout the series, he is always seen in a professional suit and tie.


The principal is deeply devoted to his career and is proud of the high status of the school. He can sometimes be seen admiring his students for being good children when they come in for attendance.

From the second he met Seiichiro, he held a deep hatred towards him simply because of how scary he looked. He is quick to believe the false rumors and stories about Seiichiro, firmly believing him to be pure evil or the devil itself. His hatred spreads to unreasonable and petty standards, such as accusing him for being a ruffian that rents CDs when Seiichiro gives his rental card as photographic proof of his identity. Throughout the story, he has made no attempt to even try to understand Seiichiro's good nature and continues. Shiraishi has commented to Seiichiro that the principal comes from a generation who judges people based on how they look.

Because his hatred runs deep, he even hired underworld Guidance Counselors, called the Shadowy Seven, in order to either chase Seiichiro out of the school or destroy him completely.


Despite the principal's inability to fight, he is a shrewd man and careful in his thinking, even when he's being reckless. Even when he hired three members of the Shadowy Seven, most of the staff and students were none the wiser of their true purpose.


The Guardian of Hekikuu High

The principal and his aide, Shiraishi, were in his office waiting on Seiichiro Kitano to arrive. He was especially pleased to hear about the glowing recommendation from Seiichiro's previous school about his good grades and character even though no photo was attached. Upon meeting Seiichiro, he immediately accused him of being a ruffian and barging into his office and refused to believe that he was the Seiichiro Kitano they were waiting for because of his face, ignoring Shiraishi's remark that all Seiichiro did was walk in. The principal was completely devastated learning that he really was the same Seiichiro after Seiichiro proved his identity. Shiraishi left to bring Seiichiro to class while the principal lamented over this.

Takeshi Kojima Arc

In the morning, the principal happily watches over as the students, which he considers wonderful children, come in for school, being reminded that someday his luck as principal will run out. He notices the students run away in panic and also hides when he sees Seiichiro enter the school. He considers him a blight on the school's caliber, wishing he wasn't here. He also feels like he loses 100 days off the end of his life each time he looks at Seiichiro, like the Horror Newspaper.

A few days later, he calls in Kitano to his office to discuss his sneaking into Hakuun High and defeating their #2, Hayami. At the end of the meeting, Kitano was only let off with a severe warning and was not suspended.



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