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Midori Kitano is the wife of Ryuichiro and mother to the protagonist, Seiichiro. Much like the rest of her family, despite her frightening appearance, she is actually a very kind and sociable woman.



Midori is a slender woman with wavy black hair, very pale skin, and is considered very beautiful, but in a frightening way.


When she was young, Midori was generally aloof and cold.

After she met her future husband, Ryuichiro, and got married, she is shown to have a friendly and gentle disposition. Much like the rest of her family, she doesn't think about the fears and prejudices others put on them and remains sociable and kind, even to new neighbors.

She is very loving to her family. She is still very much in love with Ryuichiro and they go on the occasional date. Midori is also kind to her only son, Seiichiro, and thinks nothing of his appearance. She, of course, makes sure that he is raised properly and has a normal and happy school life.




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Takeshi Kojima Arc[]

Midori calls out to her son, Seiichiro Kitano, as he leaves the house saying he's leaving early.


Ryuichiro Kitano[]

Ryuichiro is Midori's husband and her true love. They've been in love since the first time they laid eyes on each other and have been happily married ever since. They even go on the occasional date to keep their relationship strong.

Seiichiro Kitano[]

Seiichiro is Midori's only child. They have a happy mother-son relationship. Seiichiro is generally a kind and obedient child to his mother and she is very understanding to his situation.