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Hayami (first name unknown) is the #2 of Hakuun High School's delinquents and loyal follower of Takeshi Kojima.



Hayami is an average sized student, especially when standing next to the towering Kojima. He has shaved off his eyebrows and has a brown pompadour reminiscent to the 1980's styles.

His next (and final) appearance shows him with a modern 1990's-styled pompadour.


Hayami is confident in his skills to the point of being arrogant. He values strength above all and truly believes no one is stronger than Kojima. Even after Kojima's loss, Hayami still loyally follows Kojima and his decisions.

Contrast to the ever-serious and stern-looking Kojima, Hayami tends to have a smile on his face and takes situations lightly.


Hayami is very skilled fighter and the second strongest in Hakuun. However, if he feels he is backed into a corner where he could lose, he will brandish his knife.



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Takeshi Kojima Arc[]

Hayami first appears alongside Takeshi Kojima as Kojima interrogated (and then beat up) his underlings that were defeated by Seikichi Kuroda. When they inform Kojima about Kuroda no longer being Hekikuu's Guardian, to his surprise, Hayami also confirms he heard it as well. He summarizes that the new Guardian crushed Kuroda on the first day and must be pretty tough. He thinks Hekikuu must be feeling full of themselves because of the new Guardian. Angered, Kojima orders him to gather their men and arm them with weapons. Hayami asks if he plans to fight Hekikuu, which Kojima confirms, shouting they're going to war with them for trying to humiliate them.

On his way to gather the other thugs he is stopped by a student asking if he knows Kojima and is horrified by his evil-looking face. He demands to know what he wants from Kojima and the student tells him he is Seiichiro Kitano. Hayami instantly recognizes him as the transfer student he was talking about earlier and silently shocked that Kitano would enter enemy territory so soon, believing Kitano is here to fight Kojima. Kitano repeats asking if he knows Kojima, but Hayami instead introduces himself as Hakuun's #2 and will take on Kitano instead. Kitano then takes a step forward, but Hayami jumps backward, shocked Kitano would try to cross the gap with no fighting stance. The only people who would do that are idiots and super experienced fighters, which he suspects Kitano is (though in reality, Kitano just thinks Hayami is simply taking him to Kojima). As Kitano continues to walk forward, Hayami jumps backward. Hayami is frightened to the point of feeling chills down his spine, but feels disgraced as Hakuun's #2. As Kitano snickers at Hayami's jumping, Hayami takes the chance to punch Kitano. He then realizes Kitano really was just an idiot and attempts to kick him, but is frightened by Kitano's glare when he looks back, taking back what he thought, feeling like a frog looking at a snake. When Kitano approaches him again, he concludes Kitano isn't even human and wildly runs backward quickly, feeling shame and honor no longer has anything to do with it and has to run for his life. Kitano screams at him to wait (coming out as "KIEEE!!") and runs after him and Hayami is horrified he can keep up with him. Hayami trips and falls backward and smacks the back of his head on a planter box, stunning him. As Kitano hovers over his body, he hears Kojima yell out his name. He looks over and discovers it's Kojima. He warns Kojima that he is the first-year student who beat up Kuroda. Reassured that Kitano is only interested in Kojima and that Kojima will take care of things, he tries to get back up. Kitano swiftly tries to lunge at Hayami (trying to get him to lie back down because Hayami hit his head) but Hayami keeps dodging Kitano's hand. He begs Kitano not to get any closer. Before Kojima can attack, Tanabe, the school's Guidance Counselor, stops him and threatens him not to pick a fight in front of him since he can kick him out whenever he wants. He then orders Kojima and Hayami to return to class if he doesn't want to get suspended. Kojima goes to collect Hayami and Hayami calls Kojima by his first name. They then return to inside the school as Kojima shoulders Hayami.


Takeshi Kojima[]

Kojima is the Guardian of Hakuun High, whom Hayami serves directly under. He is unwaveringly loyal to him, even standing by his side after Kojima lost to Kitano in the war against Hekikuu. It's implied they are also friends as Hayami sometimes calls Kojima by his first name, which in Japanese culture is a sign of closeness between two people.

Seiichiro Kitano[]

Like most people, Hayami fears Kitano and tried to fight him. He however succumbed to his fear of Kitano and tried to get away, injuring himself in the process.

Yuji Takehisa[]


  • He was the first person to correctly guess that Kitano was not a delinquent after hitting him once, but quickly changed his mind after trying to hit him a second time.
  • Hayami makes a few appearances in the OVA, but because he is a minor character, he is not credited with a voice actor.
  • Hayami's pompadour in the OVA is significantly longer in typical anime fashion.



Hayami as he appears in the OVA